Register a Local Subsidiary

Exploring local subsidiary registration in Georgia? Orson delivers tailored legal solutions, ensuring compliance and peace of mind throughout the process.

Registration Pricing

Clear and upfront pricing for personalised registration services.

Tailored for local expansion

Unlock growth opportunities in Georgia with tailored solutions for establishing your subsidiary.

What's included

Registration at Justice House

Registration at Revenue Services

Registration on government portals

Bilingual Articles of Association

Minutes of General Meeting of Partners

Once-Off Payment



Invoices and receipts available for easy company reimbursement

Key Benefits

Enjoyed by the Georgian Individual Entrepreneurs

Reinvest Tax-Free

Tax is only applied when profits are distributed to shareholders, reinvest your profits and pay no profit tax.

From 0% VAT

B2B services are exempt for clients abroad. B2C services are exempt when provided electronically.

Foreigner Friendly

You don't need to be a legal resident or citizen of Georgia to register as an Individual Entrepreneur.